April 28, 2020


zenyatta quotes

Zenyatta quotes

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”Do I think? Does a submarine swim?”

”Free your mind.”

”Hello, world!”

”How amusing.”

”I dreamt I was a butterfly.”

”I think, therefore I am.”

”I will not juggle.”

”Life is more than a series of ones and zeroes.”

”Peace and blessings be upon you all.” /

”Curse and madness be upon you all.’ (If Cultist skin is equipped)

”The Iris embraces you.” / “The Iris consumes you.” (If Cultist skin is equipped)

”Always strive for improvement.” (Summer Olympic Games)

”Form is temporary, the spirit is eternal.” (Summer Olympic Games)

”Trick or treat?” (Halloween Terror)

”Frightening.” (Halloween Terror)

”No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place.” (Winter Wonderland)

”Joy to the world!” (Winter Wonderland)

”Every rooster crows in its own pen.” (Year of the Rooster)

”Walk along the path to enlightenment.” (Uprising)

”If you do not change direction, you may end up where you’re headed.” (Uprising)

My ultimate is charging.”

”My ultimate is almost ready”

”My ultimate ability is ready.”

”My ultimate is ready, proceed without fear.” (Facing ally)

”Ready for transcendence.”

”Existence is mysterious.” (Anniversary)

”How… disappointing.” (Anniversary)

”I am on fire.”

”I am on fire, but an extinguisher is not required.”

”I feel the warmth of the Iris, flowing through me!”

”Right down the middle.” (If Fastball skin is equipped)

”Here’s a little chin music.” (If Fastball skin is equipped)

Top 10 zenyatta quotes

”The payload moves.”

”The payload must be moved to its destination.”

”You have much to learn.” (on Orisa)

“The payload must be moved.”

“The payload rests idle.”

”We must move the payload.”

”End the pitch.” (If Fastball skin is equipped)

”A closed mind is already defeated.”

”A lesson in humility.” (Melee blow)

”A life of moderation is best.”

”Do not be discouraged, everyone begins in ignorance.”

”Hatred is not strategy.”

”In anger, you defeat only yourself.”

”If you do not bend, you break.”

”One cannot survive on strength alone.” (Melee blow)

”Reflect upon your actions.”

”We all represent unfulfilled potential.”

”You refuse to learn.” (Melee blow)

”Your setback is only temporary.”

”You must learn from your mistakes.”

”Your weakness… is revealed!”

”She goes down swinging.” (If Fastball skin is equipped)

”In repetition, strive for perfection.”


”You have done well.”

”You have ushered them to paradise.”

”Eventually, all become one with the universe.”

”It goes down swinging.” (If Fastball skin is equipped)

”We are in harmony.” (Default)

”Death is whimsical today.”

Zenyatta quotes patience

”Victory is within our grasp, hold strong.”

”We must see this through to the end.”

”Be consumed by the shadows.” (If Cultist skin is equipped)

“Time grows short, attack.”

”Time is an illusion, but the illusion is about to run out.”

”We must wrest victory from the jaws of time.”

”Darkness envelops all.’ (If Cultist skin is equipped)

”I know the doubts that plague you.” (on Genji)

”My path has converged, with that of the payload.”

”The payload and I move as one.”

Zenyatta quotes Ultimate

”Destiny has drawn me to the objective.”

”I am becoming one, with the objective.”

”I am taking the objective, join me.”
Capturing point (defense)

”Adversity is an opportunity for change.”

”Repetition is the path to mastery.”

”A temporary setback.”

”Overconfidence is a flimsy shield.”

”Pain is an excellent teacher.”

”The cycle begins anew.”

”The outcome is not preordained.”

”Gaze into the Iris.”

”Embrace tranquility.”

”Walk in harmony.”

”Open your mind.”

”Be one with the universe.”

”Be reborn.”

”Free your mind.”

”We walk in harmony, my student.” (on Genji)

”We walk in the shadows, my apprentice.” (On Genji and If Cultist skin is equipped)

”We are as one, my sister.” (on Orisa)

”We are as one, my friend.” (on Bastion)

”There is disquiet in your soul.”

”There is chaos within you.”

”Darkness falls.”

“Falter now, and we will succumb to defeat.”

”Our enemies are emboldened, we must not falter.”

”Our objective will soon belong to the enemy.”

”Bask in the shadow of doubt.”

”You are your own worst enemy.”

“Victory is our destiny, but we must all play our parts.”

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