April 28, 2020


Skyrim Guard quotes

Skyrim Guard Quotes

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“Let me guess… someone stole your sweetroll.”

“Citizen.” Imperial Guard

“Disrespect the law, and you disrespect me.”

“What do you need?”


“What is it?”

“No lollygaggin’.”

“My cousin’s out fighting dragons, and what do I get? Guard duty.”

“Gotta keep my eyes open. Damn dragons could swoop down at any time.”

“Fear not. Come dragon or giant, we’ll be ready.”

“They say Helgen got hit by a dragon. One of those horrors comes here, we’ll be ready.”

“Brigands I can handle, but this talk of dragons? World’s gone mad, I say.”

“Everything’s in order.”

“Staying safe I hope.”

“Everything all right?”

“Helgen… destroyed by a dragon. Hard to believe, isn’t it?”

“Could sure use a warm bed right about now…”

“I’d be a lot warmer and a lot happier with a bellyful of mead…”

“I mostly deal with petty thievery and drunken brawls. Been too long since we’ve had a good bandit raid.”

“What is it? Dragons?”

“Watch the skies, traveler.”

“They say Ulfric Stormcloak murdered the High King… with his voice! Shouted him apart!”

Top Skyrim Guard Quotes

“Thanks again for helping reopen the East Empire Company. Gonna have them import me some of that aged Breton cheese.”

“I hear the East Empire Company has reopened, thanks in no small part to you. Well done. All of Skyrim benefits from their trade.”

“You’ve come to Dawnstar at a strange time, friend. Seems everyone in the town is having nightmares…”

“No more nightmares. Thank the gods for that.”

“The damned nightmares have finally stopped. Don’t suppose you’d know anything about that?”

“So Madanach was behind those murders. Gods help us.”

“Gods damn those Forsworn. So many dead…”

“You put those Forsworn down. Good job.”

“Your name’s been cleared… by Thonar Silver-Blood. Consider yourself lucky.”

“With Nurelion gone, I suppose Quintus has taken over business in the White Phial.”

“Good thing you did for Nurelion, returning that phial for him before he died. Man was obsessed.”

“These vampires are becoming a real menace.”

“Where’re these vampires coming from? We need to wipe them out before things get worse.”

“Dragons breathing fire in the sky. Vampires brazenly attacking people on the street. It’s the end of the world I tell you.”

“They say if a vampire so much as scratches you, you’ll turn into one. That better not be true.”

“We need to do something about these vampire attacks.”

“You should talk to the Jarl up in Dragonsreach, lend any aid you can.”

“Stormcloaks, Imperials, dragons. Ain’t no matter to me what I kill. Let them come.”

“I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took an arrow in the knee…”

Best Skyrim Guard Quotes

“I know you had some part in Sinding’s escape. Don’t deny it…”

“You… you were talking to that murderous savage. And then he escaped. What are you hiding?”

“Thanks for clearing out that Vampire nest. You saved Morthal.”

“The Gildergreen will bloom again. All thanks to you.”

“The Gildergreen blooms again. All thanks to you.”

“By Ysmir, you’ve helped save the Gildergreen. Words can’t express what that means to this city.”

“That sapling you recovered means the Gildergreen will live again. Your deed honors the people of Whiterun.

“You did this city a great service by catching that killer. Well done.”

“I was this close to catching that killer. I swear it.”

“Wonder what kinds of things they’ve got the Dibella [sic] doing, over in the temple. Mostly praying, I reckon…”

“You’ve actually done it. You’ve found the Sybil of Dibella. You have done Markarth a tremendous service.”

“As if Skyrim didn’t have enough outsiders. Now we’ve got mercenaries from Hammerfell struttin’ about….

“You see those warriors from Hammerfell? They’ve got curved swords. Curved. Swords.”

“Wonder what it’s like for those Thalmor, now that they’ve been taken down a notch…”

“From what I hear, you’re the one that gave the Thalmor a black eye. Sure know how to pick your enemies, don’t you?”

Skyrim guard dialogue

“Yes, Dovahkiin? How can I help you?”

“Whatever you need, Dragonborn. Just say the word.

“I fear the night. Because the werewolves and vampires don’t.”

“Bit late to be wandering around, isn’t it?”

“Only burglars and vampires creep around after dark. So which are you?”

“You hear that? I swear, there’s something out there. In the dark.”

“I hope you’re finding the city in proper order, thane.”

“I trust the day’s found you well, thane.”

“How do you do, thane?”

“Just a few more hours and I can crawl under some furs…

“Jarl’s been looking for someone who ain’t superstitious though. Be lookin’ for a fool if you ask me.”

“It’s bad luck to talk about that place.”

“Don’t like those eyes you got. They’ve got a bad hunger to them.”

“Heard they’re reforming the Dawnguard. Vampire hunters or something, in the old fort near Riften. Might consider joining up myself.”

“They say that vampires attacked the Hall of the Vigilant. Burned it to the ground! Never heard of vampires doing anything like that before.”

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